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Mobile Jammer Cheating To Win

Palmieri Mark Nov 29, 2020 10:30

Cauet is a well-known fact and cannot be played within the rules. On November 23, his team members described how he cheated in "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire". At that time Jean-Pierre Foucaut was still the star host of the project. It should also be remembered that Cowett played for an association. In front of the radio and thousands of listeners, Coet was forced to take responsibility. This is the help of the coordinator of this tour. On his Twitter account, C'Cauet excerpted videos about NRJ detailing these events, specifically how he cheated through mobile cell phone jammer to win.

Cauet never refuses to participate in the association's fundraising activities. Jean-Pierre Foucaut invited millions who won, so he started. But games usually have an interesting effect on him. Cauet obviously doesn't like losing, but most importantly, he likes winning. In order to ensure victory, the host will not hesitate to use all available means. Then, the columnists of his team showed everyone the pranks they used to make sure that the "call to a friend" clown question. The chronicler knew that Coat would call the man who played the famous clown. Therefore, when meeting with the host, he lives in front of the questions asked by Jean-Pierre Faucourt. With the anonymous help of the producer of "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire", he learned where the phone can work. Because in the process of filming "Who Wants to Win Millions", a cell phone jammer was set up to precisely avoid this kind of cheating.

Therefore, Cauet's friend has a problem in front of him, and he also wants to contact Cauet to ask for help. He then sent the text to his accomplice without hesitation, and the comrade was therefore ready to answer the questions Cowett asked him perfectly. Tortured between laughter and shock, the audience and columnists around Kuet lost their feet. Indeed, they know the host's tendency to cheat. But they would not think that he would dare to use it in anyone who wants to win millions of dollars! But Kuet admitted that everything had been planned. And if it must be executed again, he will execute it again. After all, he used cellphone jammers to help an association win 70,000 euros, which he is proud of. Since he should not be proud of his cheating, he said that he is really funny, he shouldn't go to heaven, nor hell. He humorously said that his final judgment must be on thermostat 6. Since this happened, Cauet today will not risk TF1 trouble. However, Camille Combal's "Who Wants to Win Millionaires" will definitely be more attentive to prevent the plan from happening again.