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Mobile jammers are prohibited devices by law

Goerz Volker March 22, 2021 10:30

Interference technology is not entirely new. Exporters of overseas mobile cell phone jammer said that the demand for jamming devices is increasing every day, sending more than 100 devices to U.S. federal inspectors every month, which arouses interest in the telephone industry. Consumers include cafe and hair salon owners, hotels, theater operators, bus drivers, and an increasing number of commuters. This development triggered a battle for airspace control within the airspace. And damage will have side effects. Insensitive speakers impose their voices on the indefensible, so they are forced to endure completely silent voices. Disruptors not only punish those who cause the noise, but also those who call secretly.

Although the law clearly prohibits the use of mobile phone jammers to actively interrupt the signal of a mobile phone, there are no rules prohibiting passive blocking of mobile phones. This means that you can use wallpaper or building materials (such as wallpaper embedded with metal fragments) to prevent cell phone signals from entering or leaving the room. Some buildings are designed to accidentally block radio signals due to thick concrete walls or steel frames.

The company is studying devices that control cell phones but do not "interfere" the signal. The device sends incoming calls to voice mail and blocks outgoing calls. The argument is that the phone is still working, so technically it won't get stuck.

The cell phone alert can be used to indicate the presence of a cell phone signal. These mobile phone signals used in hospitals can interfere with sensitive medical equipment. When a signal is detected, the user will be prompted to turn off the phone. In order to reduce the technical content, Chicago design company Coudal Partners founded SHHH, the Handushed Hushing Association. The site has a downloadable note that you can forward to those who disturb the phone to express their lack of interest in the content being discussed.