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Safe Areas Require Maintenance Of Cell Phone Jammers

Xiong Jesse 2021-6-11

The use of mobile phones in prisons, whether it is managers or criminals, is expressly prohibited. In any prison in China, there will be a mandatory requirement of mobile phone isolation for visitors. However, a few days ago, Henan Prison found two cases of illegal mobile phone use, and the management immediately criticized and educates those carrying mobile phones. cell phone jammer

Both people with mobile phones are visitors, and both people are visiting the same criminal. After registering, both said that they did not bring their mobile phones out of the house, but when they passed through the safe area, the illegal mobile jammer system immediately issued an alarm, and the management immediately searched and checked the two people. As expected, the mobile phones of both people were in their respective mobile phones. Body. Managers severely criticized the behavior of two people carrying mobile phones for visits. Both said that they only carried their mobile phones for the convenience of answering the calls, because they were selling them, and they could not leave the mobile phone for a moment. What they never expected was that there was still an illegal mobile phone jammer system in the prison.