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Cell Phone Service Blocker Schools

Garcia Mary 2021-11-25

Wi-Fi interference "forces your phone to be in the same state as the service is stopped", so you will not be able to use anything that uses radio waves, such as phone calls, emails, and packet communications, just like you stop the service when you use it. I want to do something to people who have poor phone etiquette in public facilities, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. If the radio wave of the frequency used by the mobile phone can be emitted, it will interfere with the communication of the mobile phone, so it can certainly prevent the ringing of all mobile phones in the lobby (but the mobile phone does not need to communicate). The telephone alarm cannot be prevented. The operation is simple, and it can work automatically when the antenna is installed correctly and powered on. For equipment that has stopped running, the slow-start circuit design is the most effective for preventing Cell Phone Service Blocker Schools equipment from catching fire when it starts. Use imported high-performance integrated circuits and chip components. We can manufacture reflow processing, assembly line production, high quality and stable products. Since each channel is subdivided, only the downlink frequency is blocked. It will not interfere with wireless communication. cell phone jammer

In the case of targeting mobile phone jammers, it is currently in an unconfirmed prediction stage, so it may become clear in the future that it is actually more effective to point from the edge of the room to the center. I think it's a good idea to try various things. Since there is a real Cell Phone Service Blocker Schools , I checked it. It depends on the model. I checked with an electromagnetic wave measuring instrument and a three-field instrument, and found that the front and rear interference function is very strong, the left and right sides and the top are weak, and the bottom is quite weak. If you use a jammer in an apartment or condominium, it may interfere with the radio waves in the next room (for example, top, bottom, left, right), and in some cases, the radio waves of nearby houses. On the other hand, if the cell phone jammer device is in the room, it is likely to be installed on the ceiling. In addition, electromagnetic waves themselves may receive or amplify metals, such as handrails and balcony frames, and TV antenna cables. For these reasons, the location of the mobile phone jammer should be such that the head of the mind eavesdropping victim is close to the ceiling, or between the metal or cable that replaces the antenna, and the surface is in the direction of the damage. Be relieved. It seems to be effective. We will definitely eliminate the anxiety of eavesdropping, the anxiety of voyeurism, and the invasion of privacy. We will definitely provide a safe and reliable environment.