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Homemade Portable Cell Phone Jammer

Mirjana Jerkovic 2021-09-24

CDMA shielding performance CDMA mobile communication network is a combination of several technologies such as spread spectrum, multiple access, cellular networking and frequency reuse. It contains a collaboration of three-dimensional signal processing in the frequency domain, time domain and code domain, so it It has the characteristics of good anti-interference and anti-multiple fading. Because CDMA has these characteristics, under the existing technical conditions, even if the signal transmission power of the isolator is increased, it is impossible to expand the shielding radius to more than 5 meters. And DX-102 mobile Homemade Portable Cell Phone Jammer breaks through the limitation of the existing technology, and achieves the shielding radius of CDMA more than 25 meters. The true environmental protection quality of this product minimizes the transmission power and ensures that the electromagnetic radiation is far below the national safety standard. cell phone jammer The shielding radius of a single isolator is more than 25 meters, which is truly harmless to the human body and a truly environmentally friendly and safe product.

One device covers four frequency bands, Homemade Portable Cell Phone Jammer The specific electromagnetic signal generated blocks all mobile phone signals, covering GSM900, DSC1800, PHS1900 (PHS1900) and CDMA four frequency bands, blocking all mobile phone signals within a specific range, and ensuring that confidential information drips. One leak, it can be described as full-featured and complete performance. The simple way to expand the shielding radius of the isolator with small transmitting power and large shielding radius is to increase the transmitting power, which also correspondingly affects the intensity of electromagnetic radiation, which is bound to endanger human health. The DX-102 mobile phone signal isolator uses the most advanced high-frequency signal program control technology. The isolator has a transmission power of 1W and an effective shielding radius of 15-40 meters. For large areas, installing several units at different angles can solve the problem, and it can ensure that there is no harm to the human body.