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There is no mobile phone jammer in the examination room. Students use mobile phones to check answers

Bakshi Shubhankar Dec 22, 2020 10:30

A number of candidates who did not want to be named revealed to reporters that some candidates in their examination room handed in papers more than an hour in advance, and that candidates were still allowed to enter the examination room for the exam even if they were 20 minutes late. These practices are obviously contrary to the stipulation in the "Examination Room Rules" that candidates are not allowed to enter the examination room to take the examination of the subject after 15 minutes of the written test. At the same time, candidates must not submit their papers before the end of the test 30 minutes before the end of the test. .

"I fought to the last second during the exam. To be honest, time is really tight. I can't imagine how those people who went out more than an hour earlier and finished writing did it." Candidate Li Miao said.

Some candidates also reported that they saw cheating in the examination room. As soon as one of the examinees entered the examination room, they heard several examinees discussing the answers to the explanation of the terms. One examinee saw two girls sitting diagonally opposite to each other during the examination, and another examinee saw sitting on their own The girl on the left has been using her mobile phone to copy Wenchang’s answers, and none of these behaviors has been discovered by the invigilator. What I am really curious about is that there is no mobile cell phone jammer that blocks the phone in the classroom?

What attracts the most attention is the phenomenon of "God betting" by the art training institution "Nanchang Hongyi Culture and Art School". On December 10th, the training organization issued a document on its official account, “Our teachers in the media department actually pledged almost all the original titles, and Mr. Gao Gao even pledged the original title of the film review "Wild Stories." This is simply for the students. It’s like a good thing about “pies falling in the sky”.” The WeChat screenshot allotted in the article shows, “Two terms explained that I just finished talking yesterday. I filled in the blanks and said 16 and I chose to say at least 7.”

"On the day before the exam, I pressed the story question, add the term explanation, 20 fill in the blank questions, 16 of them, 10 multiple-choice questions, at least 7 of them, the film of the entrance exam was actually also pressed, this probability is the same as buying a Mark Six lottery. It's the same. What is it if such a question is not a leak?" the candidate Lu Luewen asked.

After reading the article, many examinees told reporters that apart from other things, the possibility of just pressing the original question in the film review should be very slim. Ling Yun explained that in the previous four consecutive years in Jiangxi Province, the exams for the editors and directors were all documentaries, and the training institutions also took documentary classes when they conducted pre-examination training. This year, the training institutions were able to hold a small group of foreign countries at once. Movie, "If it's not for venting the topic, I can only say that the other party is a fairy."

Candidate Wang Shuai told reporters that the training institution he participated in issued nine sets of test papers this year. After the test, he found that he had only hit two of them. An institution that can ingeniously crush the Argentine film "The Wild World" simply cannot exist.

On the afternoon of December 17th, in response to many candidates’ questions, the staff of Nanchang Hongyi Culture and Art School replied to the China Youth Daily·China Youth Online reporter, “There is no such thing as leaking questions. This is a fluke incident. We are only lucky enough to deposit the question. Detained."

One point is destiny for the choreographer

For this art test, Lu Luewen often memorized texts from the third year of high school until the early morning. The school teacher kept telling her that "people who have a good literary skills should take the joint exam." In her opinion, if the leaking incident is true, her own efforts will It was all in vain.

Wang Shuai often recites texts every day until two or three in the morning, and he has to get up in bed to read early after six in the morning. "Art exams are usually a mentality." For him, the importance of this exam is second only to the college entrance examination. If the scores of the entrance exam collapse, the mentality will be bad for the upcoming school exams. , "If you can't even get the A certificate, tens of thousands of yuan in art exam training fees will be lost."

During the three months of training before the exam, Ling Yun did the same. In addition to taking professional courses, he did 5-8 essays every day, and spent the rest of the time desperately memorizing. According to him, according to the art test in previous years, the 150-point subjective questions in the joint test can only open a gap of two or three points at most. However, the 40 points of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions in the essays are in many cases. Can open a gap of 5 points, 10 points or even 15 points.

What worries him most is that Wenchang's answer is shown on the picture of the question that was allegedly leaked on the Internet. After comparing the answers, Ling Yun found that the answers given in the picture were all correct except for the fill-in-the-blank question which was 1 wrong, and the multiple-choice question gave 1 answer less.

After suspicion of leaking questions, Wang Shuai felt very wronged. Jiangxi Province only issued more than 800 A certificates, and there are more than 400 people in the online questioning group. "This is just one of the groups. Unimaginable." He said.

"One point in the Jiangxi Provincial Joint Examination can open the rankings of nearly two hundred at least. If you get one less point, you may not get the certificate." Lu Luewen was a little angry.

Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute: Before the investigation is clear, it is inappropriate to say that "discharging questions" is inappropriate

In order to defend his rights, Ling Yun reported to the police. On December 13, he called the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute and sent relevant chat records and screenshots to the other staff via NetEase’s mailbox. Afterwards, a staff member of the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute called him back. There was insufficient evidence and sufficient evidence to investigate.

When Ling Yun asked the other party that many examinees brought their mobile phones into the examination room and what should be done, the staff member replied that (with cell phones) is a personal act. Every year, several people who are not afraid of death will bring their phones into the examination room. There will also be people from training institutions who pretend to be art candidates and enter the examination room to take test papers.

To this end, the reporter called the Disciplinary Inspection and Supervision Office of Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute on the afternoon of December 17, and a staff member of the office told reporters, “For some situations, after we have verified them, we will definitely deal with them in accordance with the regulations. After the exam is over, Some students have called (to us) to report, but most of them did not provide specific information. At present, as long as some clues and materials we receive about this year's art test, they have been transferred to the network security department for verification and identification."

The staff member said that it was not appropriate to say "disclosure" before the matter was investigated.

When the reporter asked the staff member to verify whether there are mobile phone jammers in each examination room and whether to conduct security checks on candidates, the staff member replied, “All our examination rooms are strictly in accordance with the requirements of the regulations. All candidates All must go through a very strict security check before entering the examination room. It must be done like this."

On the evening of December 17th, in response to online reports, Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute responded on its official website, after learning of the online information "Suspected leaks in the Jiangxi Provincial Art Radio and Television Director General Examination for General College Admissions in 2019", Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute Attach great importance to it, promptly contact the public security and other relevant departments to initiate an investigation, and will deal with it seriously in accordance with the law and regulations based on the investigation results, and the relevant progress will be announced to the public in time.

At noon on December 18th, the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute announced the latest investigation progress on the suspected leaking of the authored joint exam: it was initially determined that the examinee was cheating in the examination room. The relevant parties have been locked and the relevant situation is under further investigation. Relevant departments will seriously deal with the parties concerned based on the facts of the investigation and in accordance with national laws and regulations, and resolutely maintain the fairness and justice of the national education examination.