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Does Rfid Block Cell Phone Popular With Customers

Perfectjammer 2022/01/21

Prisons are places where prisoners are held in the judicial system of our country. The requirements for confidentiality are quite high, and the guarantee of information security is quite strict. The prison Does Rfid Block Cell Phone we developed has a relatively professional modern communication signal shielding technology. It is very suitable for the special environment of prison. Prison Cell Phone Jammer is generally used in prisons or detention centers. This is because prison cell phone signal jammers have a large shielding range and a small number of installations, which are very popular among customers.

In the high wall of the prison, the shielded band will also be affected by the density of the building and the wall of the building, thus leaving a shielding blind spot. Therefore, it is recommended to use the prison Does Rfid Block Cell Phone with large and small power together in the prison. When using low-power prison cell phone signal jammers, this can solve the problem of shielding blind spots. In the prison cell phone signal jammer industry, our company's equipment and solutions are in a leading position, which can not only perfectly realize the full shielding project of cell phone signals, but also use intelligent detection + shielding solutions in larger prison scenes. Flexible networking, controllable shielding range, and excellent shielding effect. And there is a complete after-sales service system, which guarantees the good and long-lasting operation of the prison cell phone signal jammer in the later period, and effectively solves the customer's problems.