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Chinese police are equipped with cellphone jammers

Perfectjammer 2019-07-18

China's traffic police departments have adopted all available equipment and unconventional measures to crack down on serious traffic violations, with fewer traffic violations such as drinking and unlicensed traffic. Reporters learned today that in National Day, the eve of the Mid-Autumn festival, in order to prevent drunken, undocumented and other illegal ACTS rebound, the city traffic police department increased equipment investment, "cell phone jammer" on stage, the city directly under the five brigade will hold new weapons to human interference to say "no".

Mobile phone signal shielding device, as a new information security products with certain electromagnetic signals, formed in the need to protect the places an electric fence net, mobile phone cannot receive base station data, cannot establish contact with the cell tower, connect the car power, can form an electromagnetic protection field around in a police car, shielding tens of meters in diameter, and shall not affect the use of hand and other electronic devices. Traffic police departments told reporters: set the screen diameter, is to be able to effectively shield the police's mobile phone signal, and as far as possible to reduce the surrounding people's mobile phone signal interference.

It is reported that before the traffic police detachment only in the xunlei 1 and xunlei 2 unified action in the city used the device, the next five directly under the brigade in daily law enforcement can use the mobile phone signal shielding device to screen all law enforcement interference, maximum maintenance of urban safety. Since then, the traffic police detachment will also expand the scope of mobile phone signal shielding equipment to the city's counties and urban traffic police brigade, for the city's traffic police law enforcement to create a better law enforcement environment.

Equipped with this equipment, the traffic police no longer have to worry about the driver illegal after being checked and corrected to find someone to delay time, interfere with law enforcement, at the same time can greatly improve law enforcement efficiency!