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Death Grips Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/11/8

Ling Yun was unable to determine whether the answer pictures circulated on the Internet came from a cheating group of more than 400 people, but at about 2 p.m. on December 10th, when he first saw the test paper on the Internet, he was very sure. Some candidates have used mobile phones in the examination room. "The official has never released the test questions to the outside world. The test papers can only be uploaded by the test takers after taking pictures on their mobile phones, unless someone can memorize the test questions verbatim to make such a test paper." Some test takers saw the photo of the test paper. After I was really angry, I asked in the Moments of Friends, "The question of the Jiangxi Provincial Unified Examination, my focus is, why can someone have the opportunity to take the test papers for an exam involving the whole province's editors and directors?" The invigilator is useless. The metal detector scanned the examinee, and there was no Death Grips Cell Phone Jammer in the examination room. Afterwards, Ling Yun pointed out the "irregularity" of the examination-he left the examination room 15 minutes before the end of the examination, turned on the phone, and found that the signal was full, and Teachers waiting outside the exam room can still use their mobile phones to surf the Internet smoothly during the exam time. cell phone jammer

Several examinees confirmed to reporters that when the examinees entered the examination room at Exam Room No.13, Exam Room No.14, Exam Room No.24, Exam Room No.42 in Zone B and other examination rooms that day, the invigilator did not use Death Grips Cell Phone Jammer to scan their whole body, it was just simple After confirming their identities, they are allowed to enter the examination room, and mobile phones and other electronic devices can be easily brought into the examination room. What made the candidate Su Rui a little angry was that some candidates returned to the exam room after going to the toilet halfway through the exam, and were not required to rescan. "The invigilator just told the examinees to hand in their mobile phones and did a superficial effort," she said. Candidate Chen Lu immediately sent an anonymous report to the website of the Jiangxi Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision on the leaks and irregular security checks that existed in the professional examination of Jiangxi Province's 2019 Radio and Television Composing and Leading Joint Examination. She told reporters that in the 46th examination room, when the examination was about to end, the invigilator found that some examinees had brought their mobile phones, but they did not treat them as cheating in accordance with the relevant regulations promulgated by the Jiangxi Provincial Education Examination Institute, but simply said a few words. thing.