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Block Restricted Numbers From Cell Phone Is Related To Signal Power

Perfectjammer 2022/3/24

The direction of the cell tower and the direction of the cell phone shielding area will also affect the shielding effect. Generally, the signal strength in space is about -60 to -70dbm, the signal tower can reach about -40dbm within a few hundred meters, and the mobile phone reception strength range is generally between -35 and -95dbm. The higher the signal power of the space phone, the shorter the shielding distance. The above is the conclusion based on the transmission law of radio signals in free space. In fact, there are many obstacles on the ground that affect the transmission of radio waves. The above is for qualitative reference only. Block Restricted Numbers From Cell Phone Especially indoors, the above rules are very different from the actual ones. Therefore, it is difficult to accurately calculate this problem at present, and it can only be determined according to the actual situation on site. Accurate construction projects must carry out preliminary research and signal testing, and then design specific solutions, and then require timely follow-up tests and make certain corresponding supplements, just in case, to achieve the effect of strict shielding.

If you do opt for a cell phone barrier, there's also after-sales service to deal with the auditorium. can be repaired in time. You can also guarantee future use. After-sales service is also worth paying attention to. This can be used as a solution to the problem. In special cases, information leakage can be prevented and fairness can be guaranteed. You need a Block Restricted Numbers From Cell Phone to block cell phone signal. There are certain methods and means. Think positively about reality. Work is going well. Each prison is different in size, structure, size and height. The distribution direction, power and terrain of mobile base stations around each prison also differ. The strength of the cell phone signal transmitted by the base station is also different. How to set Cell Phone Jammer in the prison, depends on the actual situation on site. Even in the same environment, the base station's signal may be affected by air humidity, causing fluctuations in signal strength. Between indoors and outdoors, the ground, building structures, etc. all have complex effects on cell phone signal jammers.