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To Block Numbers On Cell Phone

Palermo Salvatore 2021-11-7

On the eve of National Day and Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to prevent the rebound of illegal activities such as drinking and unlicensed behavior, the Yantai Traffic Police Detachment equipped all the units directly under the urban area with mobile phone signal jammers and said "no" to the interference of human relations. To Block Numbers On Cell Phone As a new type of information security product, it uses a specific electromagnetic signal to form an electric fence in the place that needs to be protected, so that the mobile phone cannot receive base station data and cannot establish contact with the base station. Connect it to the vehicle power supply, which can be around the police car An electromagnetic protection field is formed, with a shielding diameter of tens of meters, which can effectively shield mobile phone signals without affecting the use of electronic devices such as mobile phones. The shielding diameter is set to not only effectively shield the mobile phone signals of the police, but also to minimize the interference to the mobile phone signals of the surrounding people. cell phone jammer

It is reported that the traffic police detachment has only used the device in the city-wide unified operations of Xunlei No. 1 and Xunlei No. 2. In the future, the five groups directly under it can use To Block Numbers On Cell Phone to screen all law enforcement interference in daily law enforcement, and to maximize the safety of urban residents. Since then, the traffic police detachment will also expand the range of mobile phone signal jammers to the traffic police brigades of all counties, cities, and districts in the city to create a better law enforcement environment for the city’s traffic police.