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Cell Phone Jammer In School Legality Us

Trostel Zac 2021-08-18

In some signal shielding projects, according to the needs of customers, the layout of the site and the strength of the radio signal, the shielding system is often built in the form of shielding host + antenna distribution. This is a more professional and effective reliable technology in the shielding field. The shielding method preferred by police government units and security agencies is more reliable than a single device, and its price varies with the size of the shielding area and the on-site environment. In the family, some parents worry that their children will be addicted to the mobile phone network and will consider buying Cell Phone Jammer In School Legality Us , and they often secretly buy signal jammers that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. These devices will directly interfere with the use of mobile phones in the neighborhood. The three major operators will conduct investigations after receiving the complaint. If they are found, they may be subject to illegal penalties. So, cell phone jammer The decisive factor of price is user demand. The shielding requirements are high and the price is high, and the low price will be reduced. However, the original intention of shielding is to achieve results without affecting third parties, so a more perfect shielding will not be too cheap, as the law of value dictates.

In recent years, in various national examinations, cases of cheating in examinations using radio technology have occurred from time to time, which has seriously affected the fairness and impartiality of examinations. For this reason, relevant departments such as education, personnel, health, and justice have set up Cell Phone Jammer In School Legality Us in the examination room to prevent and suppress the use of mobile phones and other radio equipment to cheat in examinations. As the current vendors selling mobile phone signal jammers are mixed, and the products are mixed, the use of mobile phone jammers often interferes with the public mobile communication and affects the normal communication of mobile phone users. Telecom operators have a greater response to this. Through market research, user visits, technical testing, etc., we have explored the use and management of mobile phone signal jammers and accumulated some experience.