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Will Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone

Baran Frank 2022-03-06

Party and government or national key secret places, families to prevent children from indulging in wireless networks, office places where the use of wifi is prohibited. Will Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone Effectively shield WiFi2.4G+5.1G signal; using industrial-grade power supply, equipped with high-precision voltage regulator circuit, even if the voltage fluctuates greatly, it will not affect the normal work of the host; high temperature environment, can quickly transfer heat to the cooling base , to prevent heat accumulation; it can be used continuously for several years or months, with stable performance and long service life; built-in ultra-quiet fan, adjustable fan speed; no noise during operation.

In addition to preparing a sufficient number of mobile phones, we also need professional help when testing. Many people may think that the detection is to see if the mobile phone has a signal, and we can do it ourselves. However, after the installation of the Will Aluminum Foil Block Cell Phone device, the scope of influence is very large, and there may be blind spots in many places. It is obviously unrealistic to let us try them one by one. Professional staff will know which corners are prone to dead ends because of their rich experience, so that they can be targeted when testing, and the overall efficiency will be higher. In the future, when you test cell phone jammer mobile phones, don't think that the shielding has been completed when the mobile phone signal number completely disappears. In fact, in many cases, the cell phone does not have a signal grid number, but can still transmit information. At this time, it is best to answer intermittent calls to determine whether the phone is really blocked.