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Block User Id On Cell Phone Call

Bautista Isaac 2021-11-13

According to the relevant staff of the Provincial Education Examination Institute, in order to maintain the order of the examination room, each examination room in Hebei Province is equipped with Block User Id On Cell Phone Call, and the radio management department around the examination room uses technical means to track and interfere with harmful signals of the college entrance examination. During the examination period, Hebei Province will conduct full-time surveillance video recording of all test centers and test rooms. After the test, the Provincial Education Examination Institute will organize the video playback review of the test room. Whether it is a violation found in the examination room or a violation found through video playback, it will be handled in accordance with laws and regulations. "What needs to be reminded is that in previous years, some candidates unconsciously violated the rules of the examination room, or did not realize the seriousness of their behavior, and made mistakes inadvertently, which is an unconscious violation." This staff member gave an example, some candidates carried Items other than those specified enter the examination room or are not placed in the designated place; some answer the questions before the start of the test signal is issued or continue to answer the questions after the end of the test signal is issued. Although some are indeed "unintentional mistakes", they will still be dealt with accordingly in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. cell phone jammer

In this regard, the staff of the Provincial Education Examination Institute suggest that candidates should not only study carefully the "Examination Room Rules", before entering the examination room, they should also check whether they are carrying items other than those specified, and do not bring books, newspapers, self-provided papers, slide rules, and calculators. , Stationery cases, glasses cases, mobile phones and other communication tools, timing equipment and other items into the examination room. In the exam room, pay attention to listening to the exam room broadcast and the instructions of the invigilators. Before the start of the test or after the end of the test is sent, the test is not allowed to answer questions. Candidates should not pass on stationery and other items privately during the test, otherwise they will be handled as violations. In addition, the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Education Examination Institute introduced that Hebei Province will continue to use Block User Id On Cell Phone Call to conduct safety checks on candidates this year. It is recommended that you try not to wear metal jewelry and clothing on the day of the college entrance examination. When entering the venue, you must take the initiative to put prohibited items in the test room. , Cooperate with the staff to check. Candidates who are unable to undergo the examination due to physical reasons should explain the situation and issue a certificate from a hospital at or above the county level.