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How to drone jammer work?

Funk R. May 11, 2018 16:51

The drone operates in the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz at a distance of from 200 to 2000 meters and more, depending on the location, power of the device and the distance from the operator. The most common frequency is 2.4 GHz WI-FI, but this channel is becoming employed, therefore, began to appear a variety of obstacles. The Jammer device consists of several base fragments, namely: microcontroller, integrating units, module and amplifier the supplied power. This device is powered from the battery, which is identical to batteries which are used for mobile phone. Accordingly, such a battery is attached to system board of Drone signal Jammer. The latest technology developed in the present time, allow access to the frequency 5.8 GHz. In this range the channel is much wider and more productive.

At present, UAV blocker are mainly divided into two types. Desktop and suitcase type. Desktop UAV jammer with a small, lightweight characteristics. But the interference range is limited. Suitcase type anti uav defense system has with accurate blocker, large interference range characteristics. This type jammers can be divided into a gun-type jammer and 360-degree omni-directional interceptor. Gun-type jammer drone device has block accurate, fast features. Quickly shot down drones and four-axis aircraft. 360-degree omni-directional interceptor very convenient. Blocker drone signal immediately after switching on. No need to aim.