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Make Portable Cell Phone Jammer

Mirzac Dorin 2021-7-04

The creation of mobile phones has indeed shortened the gap between people and brought a lot of convenience to everyone’s lives. However, with the spread of mobile phones, everyone has basically reached the state of being inseparable from the body, which has given many occasions. It has brought great harm. Therefore, Make Portable Cell Phone Jammer shopping malls followed. So, what occasions are mobile phone signal jammers suitable for? The application range of mobile phone jammers is still very wide. Some secret-related organizations, party and government agencies, universities, etc., can be found in detail. Various environmental factors will cause the effect of mobile phone signal jammers to become weaker when used. Moreover, the current mobile phone jammers all use the technology that does not affect the uplink (base station), so that although it will not affect the use of the mobile phone by the surrounding personnel, it also increases the environmental requirements of the mobile phone signal jammer. Now the mobile phone signal jammer is about how to test the signal strength of the surrounding mobile phones. cell phone jammer

When we use Make Portable Cell Phone Jammer in the examination room, it is usually only effective if installed near the examination room. If it is installed far away, it will not work. In addition, the mobile phone signal jammer in the examination room can only block the mobile phone signal. Other electronic settings will not affect their normal operation. Therefore, the mobile phone jammer in the examination room is indeed a very targeted signal jammer. When we buy mobile phone signal shielding for the examination room, we should pay attention to the power of the first shield should be higher, and the range of the second shield should be wider. Because the school is a large-scale examination, in such a large-scale examination room, we cannot just install a cell phone signal shielding cover for the examination room, so that the purpose of shielding the cell phone signal will not be achieved.