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Mobile phone jammers escort military exams

Perfectjammer 2021/05/24

According to reports, metal detectors and mobile cell phone jammer in recent military examinations have been launched to escort the fairness and justice of military examinations. Soldiers are the backbone of the country. Many families hope to send their children to military academies to serve as soldiers. Many families choose to go through the back door or cheat in the examination room due to insufficient conditions for their children. This has seriously affected the country. Recruit outstanding talents.

With the advancement of high technology, the country has also made great efforts in military examinations, equipped with mobile phone signal jammers, hoping to prevent students from using mobile phones to cheat during military examinations. In fact, in the military exam, only one mobile phone jammer can be used to block the mobile phone signals of all students. In this way, students who want to have crooked brains can only rely on their own ability to answer papers and accept the country's best-selected admission.

In fact, mobile phone jammers were also used in national military examinations in previous years, but because they were confidential, there was no large-scale report. Nowadays, the use of mobile phone jammers is no secret, so the media has given detailed reports.