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The mobile phone jammer can detect the signal strength of the LAN

Perfectjammer 2020-10-15

In order to detect the local area network by the latest mobile phone cell phone jammer, the wireless router is used for the wireless router and prevents the function of the wireless router, and further improved the detection of the local area network (LAN) in the new version of the wireless router. The use of wireless wired routers is prohibited. Homes can only search for local area network (LAN) dedicated wireless router software; at the same time, it has also strengthened the wireless LAN environment to test mobile phones and tablets to find the local area network function of the local area network, which can effectively achieve the wireless router prohibiting mobile phones, and the touchpad on the wireless router The function of the Internet, which greatly prevents devices such as mobile phones, tablets, mobile Internet devices and the like from accessing wireless LAN access

As you can guess, the most common mobile phone signal interference problem is service interruption. Although some applications claim to be able to detect signal interference, they are unproven and require a valid signal to work properly. Without the most advanced military technology, it is almost impossible for ordinary consumers to detect cell phone jammers with certainty. However, if you suspect such illegal activities, please contact law enforcement or file a complaint with the FCC.

Signal jammers have existed for many years, and today many companies are manufacturing these devices. A quick internet search will show you the most famous brands, and you will see thousands of reviews of different models. This should make choosing one of them easier. Remember, if you plan to use the device for a long time, you should look for interference sources with an interference power of at least 2000mAh, because these interference sources will last for several hours. However, before making any type of purchase, the most important thing you need to analyze is how often you must process it. First of all, it depends entirely on the wireless frequency you want to use, and also takes into account the distance between the base station and the jammer.