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Do I need various jammers for AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and others

Perfectjammer 2019-11-12

Hello everyone! I know that cell phone jammers can easily disable cell phone connection but do I need to purchase different jammers for different providers?

Hello! One of the most controversial topics on the Internet in the field of controversy is the scope of its work. Each has another interfering interference range, if you need to get one of these devices is determined, then understanding several aspects of this subject is very important. Anyway, I think you can find what you are looking for your information on the internet, in this article I will try to explain why manufacturers have said that the scope is often different from the scope real work

And now think about all you have just read. If they use the same frequency band in their work, do you need various cell phone jammer to block their signals? Of course not :) If cell phone jammer can successfully block GSM and 3G signals then it will block all types of mobile phones using those signals, and all mobile standards working using them too (like DCS, PHS, CDMA, and so on)