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Mobile Phone Jammer Prevents Trojan Horse Apps

Manasyan Hrant Dec 14, 2020 10:30

Hello everyone! I want my own cell phone signal jammer. I mainly want to use it at home. I also want to use it on the vehicle to protect my privacy. I saw related articles on the forum about desktop computers being more suitable for families. The handheld device can be used anywhere, can you recommend it for me? If you just use it at home, a desktop computer may be more suitable because it has more power and better performance, especially on the cooling system. However, if you still need it outside, a portable cell phone jammer is a better choice. Your phone has been infected with the Android.SendSMS Trojan horse application, and you have downloaded and installed the application. This is a fairly common method of spreading these viruses and exploiting vulnerabilities in modern smartphones. The main goal of this malicious application is to send SMS to a short phone number. In this way, all your money is gone, and part of this money goes to the evil elements that created the virus.

We offer you some recovery suggestions at perfectjammer.com. First, try to check the permissions of the Angry Birds app you have installed. You may have allowed it to send text messages and dial phone numbers. If so – withdraw them. Another step will be to uninstall the application. Also check the antivirus applications in Google Play, there are many of them. Most of them are familiar with these Android viruses and Android.SendSMS, and will stop it if they appear again. Also, if you find something wrong with your smartphone, please check all the permissions you have recently granted to the app. If you find something suspicious there, please uninstall the application. If you are worried that the app will steal your money again, just remove the SIM card or use a cell phone signal jammer. We are sure that these simple suggestions will save you a lot of time, energy and money.