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Block Spam Callers On Cell Phone

David Bsyl 2021-11-27

The interference effect of mobile phone jammer on Apple mobile phone is not very good. Because the filter capacitor of Apple mobile phone has strong anti-interference, the effect of a Block Spam Callers On Cell Phone depends on its shielding effect on Apple mobile phones. Our new mobile phone jammer is implemented on the original equipment. The upgrade has a good interference effect on Apple mobile phones, Huawei mobile phones, Honor, OPPO, VIVO, and the sound is very small when working, and the shielding range can reach more than 10 meters. When choosing a mobile phone jammer, you must test it on the spot, especially if you test an Apple mobile phone. The Apple mobile phone has a good shielding effect, so the effect of the mobile phone jammer will not be bad. cell phone jammer

Generally, the common Block Spam Callers On Cell Phone on the market is indeed unable to interfere with the recording of Apple mobile phones, mainly because Apple mobile phones have added filter capacitors to the recording microphone system, which gives the recording function of Apple mobile phones a relatively strong anti-interference ability. But not all mobile phone jammers can't use Apple mobile phones. At present, there are mobile jammers that can effectively interfere with the recording function of Apple mobile phones, such as the newly developed new mobile phone jammers. This type of equipment covers more types of interfering equipment, whether it is professional recording equipment such as high-end voice recorders, or Apple mobile phones, they can effectively interfere. You can understand