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Mobile jammer can be turned on at the appropriate time

Manasyan Hrant Dec 21, 2020 10:30

485,000 students in Hubei began to take the annual college entrance examination on the 7th. For the first time, all examination rooms and candidate lounges were required to install mobile phone signal shielding devices and other equipment.

The relevant person in charge of the Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute said that in addition to the installation of mobile cell phone jammer, the Hubei college entrance examination examination room this year is also equipped with a certain number of "cheating grams", mobile phone detectors and other tools. In addition, candidates must undergo security checks when they check the exam room before the exam, when they enter the exam room during the exam, and when they leave the exam room after entering the exam room for special reasons.

The reporter saw in the test center that equipment was hung on the side of the blackboard in the test room. This jammer is only the size of a book, and can automatically form a wireless signal shielding cover, making mobile phones in a certain range unavailable, thereby preventing candidates from using mobile phones to cheat. 15 minutes before the start of the test, the mobile phone jammer is turned on, the English test is turned on after the listening broadcast, and the device is turned off after the test.

This year, Hubei still implements the "3+ Liberal Arts/Science Comprehensive" examination subject plan. Chinese, mathematics, and foreign languages ​​are independently propositioned by the province; the comprehensive propositions of Liberal Arts, comprehensive science and minor languages ​​are the national unified proposition.

This year, Hubei's examination syllabus has basically not been adjusted, and it is the last year that the current examination syllabus is used as the basis for propositions. Next year, Hubei will usher in the "new college entrance examination", and the "baton" will be replaced by the new curriculum reform examination outline for high school. Hubei Higher Vocational Unified Examination and Higher Vocational Single Recruitment Cultural Comprehensive Examination will also be conducted at the same time. The vocational single-stroke cultural examination is a separate proposition, only Chinese and mathematics.