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Long-distance interrupt signal can use usb gps for car jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-02-15

Usb GPS For Car Jammer

At noon yesterday, the reporter saw at the police station on Jingcheng Road in Xingyang that this usb gps for car jammer was about 10 cm long, 6 cm wide, 3 cm thick, and a soft antenna was about 30 cm long. On the panel of the gps jammer, there are 6 buttons and a display screen.

Deputy Director Wang Taishan said that according to Mr. Song, this kind of car usb gps for car jammer can receive remote control signals over a long distance (effective from 80 to 100 meters), and it can automatically generate a complete set of signals as long as it receives a signal (close or open the door). Remote control signal to achieve the purpose of opening the door. The GPS signal jammer can make the car not close the door within 50 meters (the remote control fails), but the alarm still sounds. The GPS jammer automatically intercepted the password of the remote control and stored it. After the owner left, Song used the usb gps for car jammer to open and close the car freely.

38-year-old Song said: “I bought this GPS signal jammer in coastal areas in August this year. There are many kinds of usb gps for car jammers, the most expensive one is more than RMB 10,000, which can intercept all kinds of remote controls including high-end cars. Signal, I don't have that much money, so I bought a 3000 yuan, the cheapest."

In the courtyard of the Jingcheng Road Police Station, the deputy director Wang Taishan took the usb gps for car jammer used by the suspect Song and demonstrated the door opening and closing process on the 5 cars with alarms in the courtyard. None of the 5 cars were spared—— All switch freely.

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