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Thieves' criminal weapon ups GPS jammer

Perfectjammer 2021-02-16

Ups GPS Jammer

Facing the police's questioning, Song confessed the crime: At 6 o'clock in the afternoon that day, when he went to the parking lot of the People's Hospital of the city to look for his target, he saw Su drove a Yueda Kia sedan into the parking lot and left. When Su enters the parking lot, Song turns on the ups gps jammer. When Su presses the car's remote control, the car signal interceptor automatically intercepts the password of the remote control and stores it. After the owner leaves, Song can use it. The jammer opens and closes the car freely. At this time, the ups GPS signal jammer in his hand is equivalent to Su's car remote control. But Song did not expect that his behavior would be seen by the owner's father standing on the balcony.

   According to Song, it usually takes no more than 10 seconds from receiving a signal from the car's remote control to opening the door. In order to give the car owner an illusion that he is not stolen, he only steals cash, wallets and small handbags in the car, never takes any large items in the car, and after committing a crime, he will automatically lock the remote control to let the car owner Impossible.

   In the process of committing crimes, Song often chooses the parking lots of hospitals and shopping malls. He thinks that people who go to see a doctor or go shopping usually carry cash. Every time he commits a crime, he will wait in the parking lot in advance. In the process of waiting, he usually uses newspapers as a cover, holding the newspaper in his hand to cover the ups GPS jammer. Although the jammer antenna is longer, the soft antenna is not noticeable at all.

   Do not put cash in the police car

According to police investigations, the suspect in this case, Song, used the same method to commit many crimes in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Shangjie and other places. After purchasing this signal ups GPS signal jammer, he has committed 10 crimes successively since early September. The remaining cases. At present, the police have verified 8 cases, but only 4 cases have been reported.

  According to the police handling the case of Xingyang Public Security Bureau, the case of car theft using ups GPS jammers was the first time the bureau encountered. The bureau reminds citizens that it is best not to put cash, bags or valuables in the car, otherwise it is easy to be targeted by criminals.

In response to the fact that some of the victims of the car owners did not report the case, the Jingcheng Road Police Station posted notices in various parking lots and family yards in Xingyang City. People who encounter similar situations should report to the police in time and call the Xingyang City Public Security Bureau’s Jingcheng Police Station. .

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