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gps bug detector jammers are the nemesis of cars

Perfectjammer 2021-02-14

Use GPS Bug Detector

According to police investigation, Song had two previous convictions. The first time he was sentenced to two years in prison for assault, and the second time he was sentenced to eight years in prison for robbery. He was just released in January 2007. According to Xingyang police's verification and implementation, the criminal suspect Song has also committed crimes in the western suburbs of Zhengzhou, Gongyi, Shangjie and other places. Since buying signal gps jammer, he has committed 17 crimes.

  According to the suspect's confession, he committed the crime alone and often chose the parking lots of hospitals and shopping malls. He believed that people who went to see a doctor or went shopping generally carried cash. Every time he commits a crime, he usually uses newspapers as a cover, holding the newspaper in his hand to cover the gps bug detector jammer. Although the GPS jammer antenna is longer, the soft antenna will not attract the attention of the passing citizens at all.

   Song said that when committing a crime, it usually takes no more than 10 seconds to open the car door after receiving the signal to steal. Even if the car owner is around, it is difficult to find, even if found, it is easy to escape quickly.

   According to Zhang Quanbao, the policeman, Song also used psychological tactics during the crime. In order to give the car owner an illusion that he was not stolen, he only steals cash, wallets and small handbags from the car, never taking the items in the car.

   And after committing the crime, Song always locked the car door. In one of them, during the theft of a car using a gps bug detector jammer, he saw a pair of unopened men’s leather shoes on the back seat of the car, but he didn’t steal it, just stole the 3,000 yuan in cash in the car. After leaving, the owner suspected that a friend might be joking when reporting the crime.

   Mr. Song explained that the purpose of doing this was to confuse the car owner and minimize the possibility of the owner reporting the case. The ultimate goal is to counter-investigate.

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