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Mobile jail cell for phones jammers cause controversy

Perfectjammer 2021-02-10

Jail Cell For Phones Jammers

With the spread and application of this "mobile jail cell for phones signal jammer", many controversies have also arisen in recent years. In the past college entrance examinations, there were places where such devices were installed in the classrooms to prevent candidates from cheating, which indeed played a positive role. However, more citizens said that the abuse of this kind of equipment endangers citizens' freedom of communication and even becomes a "weapon" for criminals to commit crimes.

Last year, a member of the CPPCC in Guangzhou’s education sector proposed that the government should fund the installation of cell phone jammer in student dormitories to prevent students from chatting with mobile phones and surfing the Internet after the lights were turned off at night, which would affect the next day’s study. In response to this proposal, we also conducted an online survey, and the results showed that the support or opposition rate did not exceed 50%-38% voted for the installation to facilitate students’ rest, and 43% voted that it is unnecessary, "Students should be self-disciplined." ", and another 18% voted for "You can set the cell phone area."

A certain library in Wuhan also set up a mobile jail cell for phones jammer in the reading room in desperate circumstances. After a period of time, there were countless disputes. Some readers believed that there was finally a quiet reading environment, while some readers believed that the library interfered with the freedom of communication and would make mistakes at critical moments.

However, most citizens are very worried about the possibility that criminals may easily obtain and use it for illegal activities. "This is over. If criminals use this kind of thing to steal the car, the GPS in my car will be useless." Mr. Zhao, who is equipped with GPS anti-theft equipment and is not very concerned about parking the car, said worriedly. In addition, there are citizens who worry that criminals have such a wide range of mobile jail cell for phones jammers at home or on buses. "It is too scary to call the police." In fact, this situation did exist. Police from a police station in Futian told reporters that they had discovered that criminals had used such mobile jail cell for phones jammers to steal cars.

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