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Cell Phone Concept Blocks

Temper Dominik 2022-02-02

A few minutes later, a man with a Wenzhou accent came over and took reporters to his store to check the goods. When he came to a counter selling "counterfeit machines" on the second floor of the Communication Plaza, the man took out a box full of English from the counter and opened it. A machine the size of a landline telephone stood before him. The man said: "The shielding range is about 15 meters to 30 meters. Your conference room can be covered. The price is 2,000 yuan." The man told reporters that this Cell Phone Concept Blocks is a foreign product, but the operation is very simple, as long as he teaches you to learn , and sales are good. People from schools and some units often come to purchase. "This one does not need to be installed. It is placed in the conference room during a meeting. Pressing this button will interfere with the mobile phone signal within the range you set." The man was operating the button when he was selling products to reporters. When the reporter asked if the effect could be tried on the spot, the man smiled and refused: "The mobile phones of these people nearby must be blocked and cannot be used indiscriminately." The reporter left on the grounds that the price was too expensive. The reporter visited many mobile communication stores on Taisheng Road and found that this cell phone jammer is easy to buy in the market. While most claim to be used for meetings or to prevent students from cheating, the real use is beyond your control.

However, the road is one foot higher, and the magic is one foot higher. There is a radio monitor that can help you get Cell Phone Concept Blocks EM signals in those frequency bands that you can't take care of. Before the test starts, record the signal strength generated by various legal radio wave devices such as mobile phones, radios, and TV sets around the test room in the test room. In cars, suitcases, and office radio monitors after testing began. Starting together, you can receive all signals across the entire radio wave band. When the cheating tool starts sending answers to the test room, an "extra" radio wave signal from an unknown source appears on the monitor. Signals from cheating tools are hard to escape. Through the ear of the precision detector.