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Does A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones

Taibi Fatiha 2022/3/13

Voice call mobile phone (234G) instead of shield. Assuming you only block 23G or only 45G, it can be adjusted before leaving the factory. In addition, there are 2.4GWIFI, UHF and other frequency bands. How do you understand? That is to say, if you only want to block voice calls or WIFI, the manufacturer can push 2G3G on the server, and the cost will come out. Differentiate the output power size. This is the area with the most scammers, and it is also the area where manufacturers often play with cats. Since it is indeed necessary to measure the specific output power level, it is necessary to use a technical professional spectrum analyzer. The average customer is unlikely to own such machines and equipment. Therefore, the extent of this process depends on the customer's technical expertise in selecting mechanical equipment. Output power size: Does A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones Generally, it can be divided into small output power, medium output power, and high power, and the output power is between 3W-100W.

In order to ensure the fairness and impartiality of the college entrance examination, according to the requirements of the test centers in Haikou, this year's 10 test centers in the city have set up toilets and corridors in the test room Does A Faraday Cage Block Cell Phones . During the college entrance examination, these instruments will be turned on throughout the whole process, forming a strong signal era inside and outside the examination room. Avoid using radio products to transmit relevant information in the vicinity of the test room. On the morning of June 6, the reporter saw in the Chongde Building of Hainan Huaqiao Middle School that the cell phone jammer installed at the door of the bathroom on the first floor had been installed.