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Zauner John March 28, 2021 11:30

What is a GSM signal jammer?

The wireless alarm is easy to install and remains the most vulnerable alarm security system. In order to neutralize and disable the wireless alarm, the anti-theft device may be interfered. The operating frequency of the waveform jammer is 900 MHz. Their purpose is simple, to prevent the transmission of alarms to the alarm center. Thanks to this gsm jammer, thieves can easily break into the house.

The wave jammer is like a key channel that can eliminate any form of alarm in the home. In France, the use and sale of wave jammers is prohibited. However, the Internet is everyone’s gold mine, and you can get it for only 50 Euros.

According to the police, one in ten thieves use this device. Finally, what is the significance of the advantages of using wave protectors in anti-theft? In any case, it seems necessary to avoid becoming a victim of burglary due to GSM Signal Jammer. For this, there are several solutions, especially GSM anti-jamming alarms.

Can we fight GSM signal jammers?

The cat and mouse game is endless. Currently, the new alarm system has specialized technology designed to prevent wave interference. Therefore, the alarm has an interference detector, which will trigger an alarm about the loss of the scrambled GSM signal. In fact, it does happen that the GSM network is not always at 100% of its capacity. These new systems know the difference between GSM network loss caused by rolling waves and deliberate network loss. Therefore, these systems trigger alarms as soon as a paper jam attempt is detected.

Other brands of wireless alarms have considered this threat in different ways. The certified wireless alarm NFA2P has a low risk of interference with the dual-frequency communication protocol between the sensor and the central alarm. Wireless and dual-frequency alarms are more secure. Therefore, in order to make a house burglary, these two frequencies must be defeated. However, it is impossible to run all devices at random frequencies. Therefore, if the anti-theft does want to enter your home despite the double frequency, he will get there. This will take longer.