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Gunther Christiaan 2021-7-05

When the mobile phone battery starts and the bell rings, it can generate enough energy to trigger a slight spark to produce an electric spark, which may cause a fire. Petroleum, chemical, security and other relevant departments have clearly stipulated that the use of mobile phones in oil depots has been published for a long time, but the current implementation is not ideal. The equipment in the oil depot is controlled by a computer. The signal of the mobile phone may affect the normal operation of the equipment, and the measurement is not accurate. More importantly, the mobile phone is prone to sparks when making a call, causing fire and explosion in the oil depot. Real Cell Phone Jammer App is very inconvenient to use. cell phone jammer

Oil depot use Real Cell Phone Jammer App Product advantages: 1. Equipped with an exclusive duct-ventilated cooling base, the speed of the cooling fan can be adjusted; 2. It can be used continuously for many years, stable performance, and long service life; 3. It adopts industrial-grade switching power supply and is equipped with a precise voltage regulator circuit, even if the voltage fluctuates greatly, it will not affect the normal operation of the host; 4. The host shell adopts a fully enclosed protective shell design, which fully takes into account the problems of waterproof, dustproof and vandalism in special sites;