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Jank Matio 2022-01-03

In this regard, the reporter learned from the Nanchang branch of China Mobile that during the college entrance examination, the examination department will turn on high power Uhf Blocking Cell Phone Wallet at each test site, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the surrounding mobile network. The surrounding mobile users may not be able to make calls or make calls. Intermittent, mobile phone unable to access the Internet, or slow Internet access conditions. "Surrounding users may have a certain impact, and other users' signals are normal." The staff hopes that for the majority of candidates, all residents near the test center can understand the signal quality problems. It is understood that the cell phone jammer opened in each test center not only affects mobile network signals, but also shields operators such as telecommunications.

The relevant staff of China Telecom Nanchang Branch stated that the communication of telecom mobile phone users around each test site of the college entrance examination may be affected, and there may be no signal, frequent call failures, failure to connect, intermittent calls, slow mobile Internet access, and WiFi freezes. . In this case, please use fixed telephones, wired broadband, etc., and citizens are requested to know and understand. Nowadays, there are more and more IoT devices, and all kinds of weird gadgets emerge in an endless stream. Today, foreign websites have new news, a voice Uhf Blocking Cell Phone Wallet was born. Have you ever wondered why Bose-style noise reduction technology can’t make a working room? In fact, it can. It can mask sudden sounds such as dog barking or gunshots with a deep sound, so it will help you sleep better, and this The price of the set of products has been reduced to US$249.