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Cell Phone Blocking Wallpaper

Anim Kevin 2022-01-17

If things are abnormal, there must be demons. Wu's behavior can only show that he already knew some information in advance; otherwise, he would not take the risk of being caught cheating with his mobile phone into the examination room; and after he brought his mobile phone into the examination room, did he have any Received the college entrance examination answer? We have reason to be so skeptical. Under normal circumstances, mobile phones in the college entrance examination room are used to receive answers, not to search for answers online. Wu Mou holds such a cheating weapon, is it really just a personal act? I am quite skeptical. In a test room with multiple invigilators, Cell Phone Blocking Wallpaper , and video surveillance, a test taker can calmly pull out his mobile phone, call up the APP, take a picture of the test paper, and upload it smoothly; the public is more concerned about whether there is large-scale and organized cheating, such as the test room. Are there large-scale identical exam papers? Can the video of the examination room stand up to the review of the unit in another place? cell phone jammer Why failed to block electronic devices?

The action of the examinee taking out the mobile phone to take a picture is completely different from the action of answering the question normally, and many invigilators have not noticed the major movement of the examinee, which proves that the invigilator's eyesight and reaction speed are far lower than those of normal people, and there are reasons to suspect the existence of the invigilator. It's tricky, but fortunately there is an ironclad evidence of the examination room video, which can't be faked. It is hoped that the Hubei Provincial Examination Institute will disclose the brand and model of Wu's 5G mobile phone, the brand and model of Cell Phone Blocking Wallpaper equipment, and the brand and model of metal detectors. After all, the technical problems are true and false, and the results are completely reproducible through experiments. After all, doubts always need to be ruled out one by one.