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Persson Anders 2022-02-27

Many residents living around the school are suffering. Why is this? Isn't it the wish of many parents to be close to the school? This can ensure that children can quickly arrive in the school district and get to and from school. Why do the residents suffer instead? It all starts with school exams. Originally, school exams were only related to students, and what could it have to do with the surrounding residents? It should not make the residents feel pain. But the source of the residents' suffering is that, in order to prevent cheating in school examinations, Bell Canada Block Cell Phone Number will be installed in the examination room. This is good, not only students can't use the radio, but also the surrounding residents are affected. It's not that the call is not smooth, or the mobile phone is not connected at all. How can this not make the surrounding residents suffer? So can schools be able to install cell phone jammer? Is there any legal basis? With this question in mind, the reporter consulted a lawyer. The lawyer said that although there is currently no legal requirement to install wireless signal jammers in examination rooms, this does not mean that schools can install wireless signal jammers without any scruples.

Because our country's laws guarantee citizens' freedom of communication and privacy of communication, no other individual or organization may infringe upon citizens' freedom of communication unless the public security organs or procuratorial organs are due to national security and other reasons. If it is said that the Bell Canada Block Cell Phone Number installed in the school have caused the surrounding residents to be unable to communicate normally, then the citizens' right to freedom of communication has been violated. Residents have the right to ask the other party to stop the infringement, eliminate the impact, or receive corresponding compensation for losses. As a school, it is best to use technical means to accurately shield the mobile phone signal jammer without affecting the surrounding residents. If it is really impossible to achieve it from a technical level, it is best to fulfill the obligation of notification before installing a mobile phone signal jammer. So that the surrounding residents can be adequately prepared. There have been a lot of things about the installation of mobile phone jammers in schools that affect the surrounding residents, and many residents around the school are troubled by this. The relevant departments should regulate whether wireless signal jammers can be installed in the examination room. As for how the school can use mobile phone signal jammers to prevent fraud without disturbing the surrounding residents, this contradiction is worth thinking about. Hopefully there will be a better way to reconcile this contradiction in the future.