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Feye Matthias 2021-10-13

The earth does not explode, and the mobile phone is not put down. This sentence is a bit exaggerated, but it is undeniable that mobile phones and users are closely related. So how many people know about a mobile phone that is so closely related to itself? As for the cold knowledge of it? The so-called "knowing yourself, knowing the enemy, and never dying in battle", understanding these cold knowledge of mobile phones allows you to understand your mobile phone better. Why does the magical "species" of mobile phones often walk around and lose their signal when they are caught off guard? Generally, there are the following situations: If the mobile phone signals of friends around you all show normal and no influence, then you have to Consider whether there is a problem with your mobile phone itself. For example, in the process of walking and activities, the SIM card is loosened, resulting in poor contact and damage to the hardware of the mobile phone. In addition, there is also the possibility that the system of the mobile phone has bugs due to conflicts between the software. Then, if this is the case, the suggestion is to turn off the phone, remove the phone card and put it back in the card slot, restart the phone, or update the phone system. Or someone deliberately uses Cydia Cell Phone Jammer to influence your signal. cell phone jammer

What is a signal? In fact, a signal refers to a radio wave. When there are related obstacles or there are Cydia Cell Phone Jammer places, there will be no way to spread and receive smoothly. In daily life, relatively common scenes are, for example, walking into the basement, walking into the elevator, or walking into an area near the examination room where there are signal jammers and mobile phone jammers. Then, if this is the case, you only need to get out and stay away from the area to restore the signal of the mobile phone. "Base station coverage area" means that each base station corresponds to a coverage area determined by "transmit power and antenna height". The multiple coverage areas constitute the service area of ​​the whole system. Therefore, if you just get out of the coverage area of ​​the signal, you may suddenly lose the signal. In real life, many times due to fast-moving calls, such as on high-speed trains, subways, etc., there may be a sudden signal interruption and then a rapid recovery. This is a "handover". Since the mobile phone will continue to maintain basic contact with the base station during the mobile call, but the coverage of the base station is limited, so due to this distance and other reasons, the current base station cannot provide normal During a call, the signal of the mobile phone can be switched to a base station with a relatively better call quality around it, which is called handover.