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Garcia Mary 2021-09-22

Mobile phones are not allowed on campuses. It has been a long time since. In order to allow children to study more seriously, students are not allowed to bring mobile phones in middle and high schools. Because for children and students, mobile phones do more harm than good to them, especially for junior and high school students. Many middle schools do not allow students to bring mobile phones into classrooms, and some middle schools do not even allow students to bring mobile phones into the school. A middle school in Pingxiang, Jiangxi prohibits students from bringing mobile phones into the campus. In order to create a "zero mobile phone" campus, the school purchased Diy Cell Phone Jammer Plans in order to search whether students entering the school have mobile phones. Many students love to play with mobile phones, so they use various methods to hide their phones secretly, but they still can't escape the detection of metal detectors. In just three months, the teacher seized 67 mobile phones of students with metal detectors. cell phone jammer At the same time, it also prevented some of the missed mobile phone users.

The teacher responsible for checking whether students bring mobile phones said that there was a student who lived far away from the school. The parents bought him a new iPhone 8 phone for the convenience of contacting him. Later, the school began to use metal detectors to check whether students were wearing mobile phones. This student is very clever. In order to avoid inspection, he replaced the new iPhone 8 mobile phone bought by his family with three old mobile phones. Every time he returned to school, he handed in one mobile phone and hid the other two. However, the student's cleverness was still found in a surprise inspection by the teacher. Some students say that carrying mobile phones is convenient for learning. In fact, many students use mobile phones to find answers to homework and test papers. Now there are many apps. As long as you download this app and scan the questions, the answers will be scanned immediately. Students don’t need to think at all. Therefore, this will cause students to think lazily, and use mobile phones to inquire the answers to questions that they do not know. This will inevitably have a great adverse effect on learning. Therefore, I hope that all primary and secondary schools across the country can use Diy Cell Phone Jammer Plans to prevent mobile phones from appearing on campuses like this middle school in Pingxiang, Jiangxi, and build a "zero mobile phone" campus, so that students can quit their mobile phones and focus their time and energy on their studies. The son will not let our younger generation be corroded by mobile phones!