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Mobile phone jammer shields communication signals

Tevel Mark March 19, 2021 10:30

Gary said: “He was talking about the sexual abuse he suffered. When another participant’s cell phone rang, he continued to use the cell phone in a completely rude manner regardless of the woman’s sensitive issues. “People no longer understand etiquette. Now," Gary explained. "This is a pandemic. "

Gary went on to say that despite adopting a clear and transparent policy on mobile phones, he interrupted the phone every time he was treated. Four months ago, he paid $200 for the jammer he secretly placed in a part of the room. He told patients that if they wanted an emergency call, they should inform the front desk of their phone number. He did not disclose any information about the mobile cell phone jammer.

Gary bought a cell phone jammer from a website in London. Site manager Victor McCormack said that he sends about 400 jammers in the United States every month, compared with 300 last year. He claimed that the order of souvenirs exceeded 2,000 units.

Kumaar Thakkar, a resident of Mumbai, India, sells mobile phone jammers online. He said he exports 20 pieces to the United States every month, almost twice the amount of the previous year. Clients include barbershops and barbershop owners, and a New York school bus driver named Dan.

Dan wrote in an email to Mr. Thakkar: “Children think that when they hide under their seats and use their phones, they will be smart.” He thanked him for selling the cell phone jammer to him. "Right now, children don’t understand why their phones don’t work, nor can they seek explanations, otherwise they will run into trouble! It’s fun to see them looking for signals."

The San Francisco-based architect Andrew (Andrew) said that mobile jammers were fun to use at first, and over time they have become a means of getting some peace and tranquility on the train home. Instead, he now admits to use it more economically and more cautiously. Andrew admitted: "Up to now, I know I have the ability to stop other people's calls, and I am very satisfied with this."