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Band jammer cuts off the user's network

Malmquist Shawn H. October 03, 2020 10:30

There is no doubt that 5G is getting hotter today. Various topics about it continue to fly, and hype and real hammers burst one after another. If we want to get a feel for what it means to see "new people laugh, but old people cry", then a good way is to see the old 5G predecessors, the 2G that almost all of us have been with day and night... right? Think the word is very far away? When I recalled carefully, what words like QQ show, surfing the Internet, etc. came to my mind? Is it a hunch that this article will begin to recall youth and explore the ancient history of mobile communications? What's interesting is that the 2G network, the technology and service that seems to have been dusted in a corner of history, has not passed away today. It's in your phone at the moment, and it's basically useless. Maybe I have to trouble you a little bit, but I really want to make it disappear completely. It seems not easy. It can be said that today, every mobile phone user, operator and mobile phone manufacturer, and even the 5G era that is eager to wait for the market, are still living in the shadow of 2G. Let us explain the "2G chicken ribs" problem of "the food is tasteless, it is a pity to discard it". Dangerous 2G networks It can be said with certainty that apart from the perpetrators, no Chinese does not hate telecom fraud. But logically speaking, the real-name system of the phone is now, can't you just call it out if you find one?

However, in fact, the various fraudulent text messages we received came from some weird numbers. Even many people have received fraudulent text messages from operator customer service, bank customer service, and airline numbers, which is hard to prevent. Most of this type of SMS comes from the same technology: pseudo base station.
According to statistics, China generates more than 4 million fake base station short messages every day. It can be said that fake base stations are the absolute main force in telecom fraud networks. The reason why pseudo base stations have been repeatedly banned is largely "attributable" to the hotbed of 2G networks. In 2G networks, GSM only has one-way authentication and encryption, and the phone itself cannot confirm the legitimacy of the network. This natural technical loophole caused the mobile phones under the 2G network to be unable to withstand pseudo base station attacks, and the 2G era has become a very insecure era in the history of mobile Internet. So now everyone has 4G, doesn't it matter if the 2G network is insecure?
Unfortunately, no, because the 2G network itself has not disappeared, criminals can use network handheld jammer to induce users' mobile phones to fall back into the 2G network environment, and then trigger the established 2G pseudo base stations that the mobile phone cannot recognize. Qingzhe can use this to send users some fraudulent short messages in the form of "hacking account". What's more, you can steal money directly from the user's mobile phone.

In the past two years, many legal media have reported such a case in which criminals used 2G network hijacking to commit SMS sniffing crimes. According to current reports, this criminal method is to use a relatively strong signal pseudo base station equipment and network jammer to hijack the signal in the cell. Generally, after everyone has fallen asleep in the second half of the night, the user's 3G and 4G networks will be blocked by a band jammer, forcing the mobile phone to fall back to the 2G environment. Then obtain the user's SMS control right through the 2G pseudo base station, and then open Alipay, JD and other APPs to transfer money in the hijacked environment. When the user wakes up, he finds that there are dozens or hundreds of verification text messages on his mobile phone, but a lot of real money is missing in his account. There are still many controversies about the operability of this criminal method. But one thing is certain. For the vast majority of users today, 2G is a completely useless thing. The only things that are brought into real life are telecom fraud and spam messages. Due to the natural insecurity of the 2G network, it has led to various phone fraud, privacy theft, and mobile Internet attack cases. The basic operation is to first pull users into the 2G network. So the 2G network seems to have become a dangerous water area. It is connected to our daily swimming places, but only malicious people are peeping in the deep water. Of course, the above-mentioned crimes can be solved by various methods of terminal side and letterband testing. Today, mobile networks are becoming more and more secure. But cutting off the 2G network directly and pulling all terminal devices into a more secure network environment is obviously a very simple and neat approach. And on the other hand, cutting off the 2G network is not only of safety significance, but also hides the operator’s worries that "the sky will not die and Huang Tian can't stand".
The unbearable "2G weight"