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How To Create A Cell Phone Signal Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/28

On the Internet, public opinion is more concerned about the electromagnetic radiation problem of mobile phone jammers. Regarding this matter, news reporters generally interviewed relevant authoritative experts. A professional in the production and manufacturing industry How To Create A Cell Phone Signal Jammer introduced in detail that mobile phone jammers are also good or bad. Some poor-quality mobile phone signal jammers rely on super-large data signals to attack data signals, which will undoubtedly be susceptible to people. Physical and mental health has an impact. "According to the national industry standards, in the office environment of ordinary people, the receiving sensitivity cannot exceed 24 microvolts per square meter, and in the living environment, it cannot exceed 12 microvolts per square meter, and some shoddy mobile phone signal jammers can be transmitted every square meter. Some people think that the 40 microvolt data signal is smart, and it will cause a strong reaction to this super-standard receiving sensitivity. cell phone jammer Just like on mobile phones, radiation sources are "definitely present", but they are not so large that they can harm people's physical and mental health. "This is a complicated index value that must be quantitatively analyzed. The magnitude of its harmfulness is related to the output power of the mobile phone signal jammer, the proximity level of the person, and even the clothes and pants worn by the person: some clothes and pants are more effective in preventing electromagnetic radiation. Some are weaker. Generally speaking, the distance between the mobile phone jammers of medium-level model specifications is 2 meters under all normal output power, and the radiation source is basically not harmful to health."

Many manufacturing companies do not recognize the term "manufacturers create requirements". "If there is no specific requirement, it won't work for everyone to rebuild. In fact, everyone just pushes the sales market." A manager of a manufacturer who is unwilling to reveal his name told a reporter on the phone. The manufacturer known as "has independent patent rights", China's larger How To Create A Cell Phone Signal Jammer manufacturer told reporters that there are two key sales markets for its mobile jammers at this stage: reasonable and legal imports and exports to overseas, and the provision of relevant Chinese administrative departments and a small number of well-known enterprises . "You have already signed an agreement with the Bureau of Confidentiality, and there is hope to increase the scope of provision in the future. In fact, you have just become the only cooperative distributor of China Mobile Communications in China." The person in charge of the company feels that my country's current mobile phone The jammer sales market must be standardized. If there is no standard, it is very easy to lead to overcharging, which will not only have a negative impact on social development, but also harm the integrity management companies in the industry. "This sales market must be assisted by government departments and promoted by national standards. Because China does not have a unified model approval specification for mobile phone jammers." The sales market for mobile jammers in China "should be larger than it is today."