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How To Build His Own Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/10/6

The mobile phone signal is poor, the call is intermittent, the outgoing call cannot be connected, and it always needs to be redialed... I believe that you have encountered similar situations in your life. Some people think this has something to do with the operator’s base station. Really Is that right? With obstructions and high building density, the quality of the call is firstly most closely related to the call environment. In complex structures such as buildings, aisles, basements, etc., these locations usually belong to areas where communication signals are severely blocked. At the same time, the density of nearby buildings and floors will also affect the signal transmission. The tighter the building layout, the worse the How To Build His Own Cell Phone Jammer signal reception may be. Some experts say that sometimes, if the cell phone call quality in the area where the user's community is located is poor, it may be related to cable TV signal leakage. If the user often finds that the mobile phone signal is not good, the call quality is not good, and the TV screen is often jittery, it may be caused by the leakage of the cable TV signal, and the situation should be reported to the relevant operator in time. cell phone jammer However, the situation where the phone cannot be made is likely to be due to the private installation of wireless signal amplifiers by residents nearby. Once the number of users installing mobile phone jammers increases, they will interfere with each other, resulting in full signals but unable to make calls.

Saturation of the call volume of the operator's network can also cause poor cell phone signals. Since each base station has capacity limitations, places with dense crowds sometimes have poor network speed perception. Some users in high-rise buildings experience poor mobile phone signal. It may be because the location can receive signals from several nearby base stations at the same time. The mobile phone will frequently switch signals between several base stations, resulting in intermittent signals. Phenomenon. When it rains, foggy, or snowy, the density of water in the air will increase, the penetration of mobile phone signals will become weaker, and the transmission speed will naturally become slower. How To Build His Own Cell Phone Jammer naturally becomes worse. This is why the mobile phone signal is weaker in summer. Rain and humidity in summer, coupled with high temperature evaporation, increase the moisture in the air, which affects the transmission of mobile phone signals. When the weather is bad, the Internet speed of mobile phones slows down for the same reason. The mobile phone case of general material will not affect the signal of the mobile phone, but the metal material will weaken the signal of the mobile phone. This has been confirmed by a lot of data. This is because metal produces an effect called electrostatic shielding. To put it simply, like we are in an elevator, we will find that the mobile phone signal is very weak, or even no signal. Why? Because the elevator is made of metal and is closed during operation, the metal has the phenomenon of blocking the signal, and the mobile phone signal is blocked.