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How To Defeat Cell Phone Jammer

Perfectjammer 2021/09/13

After connecting the socket to the blue box on the wall in front of the classroom and turning on the switch on its left side, the cell phone signals of the self-study students in the classroom quickly weakened and disappeared. If you dial any student’s cell phone, there will be a voice prompt: "The number you dialed is turned off." After several trials, the box on the wall of the classroom is How To Defeat Cell Phone Jammer . As for the two "black eyes", they should be of the same kind as the "look" of the probe on the road. cell phone jammer Prevent students from playing mobile phones in class. When the mobile phone signal disappears, users can still play mobile games, but they can no longer access the Internet. Nowadays, college students "play" with mobile phones, but not many games. Basically, they "surf" on the Internet. Knowing that probes and mobile phone jammers are installed on the walls, the first reaction of the self-study students in the classroom is that the school hopes to use the equipment to combat the "mobile phone party" in the classroom, that is, they don’t listen to lectures carefully in class, but immerse themselves in "playing" with mobile phones. s student.

Some classrooms in the teaching building are in class. In almost every class, there are a small number of students "playing" with their mobile phones buried in their heads. However, the probe and How To Defeat Cell Phone Jammer on the classroom wall are not turned on. The school has not issued a notice requesting them to turn on the probes and signal jammers during class. Install cell phone jammers and transform it to use as a graduate examination room "Students misunderstood. Installing probes and cell phone signal jammers in the classroom is not to prevent students from playing with mobile phones in class."  Due to the frequent leaks of graduate entrance exams in China in recent years , The Ministry of Education requires that precautionary equipment be installed in the examination room, and the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education and the Department of Finance have decided to build a standardized examination room. Nanlin University is an important test site for the entrance examination for graduate students in Nanjing colleges and universities. Recently, 140 classrooms in this school have been installed with mobile phone signal jammers and monitoring probes, which have been transformed into standard examination rooms. Each standard examination room needs to install a signal jammer and a probe to ensure that all mobile phone signals in the examination room are fully shielded and the monitoring range has no dead ends. Therefore, some large classrooms are "divided" into multiple examination rooms. The 140 classrooms of Nanlin University finally It has been "reconstructed" into 270 standard examination rooms.