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Factory inspection of a qualified signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/07/29

  There are ten tests that jammer must go through, those that jammer goes through before leaving the factory.

Factory inspection of a qualified signal jammer

  The first level is the appearance inspection. This one is relatively simple. It is to inspect the appearance of the equipment before packaging to see if the appearance is damaged or defective during the production process. In most cases, it is passed safely.

  The second pass is the shielding performance test, which is to test whether the shielding power of each channel of the equipment and whether the total power can achieve the required shielding effect. detection.

  The third field strength test is to test the shielding attenuation under each signal strength, because after the jamme is produced, it may encounter various field strength situations, that is, the strength of the shielded signal strength is different, because if the jamme The application scenario is closer to the signal tower, and the signal strength will be relatively high. Of course, a powerful jammer can still play some shielding role in the case of high signal strength. As long as the specified standard is met, the jammer is allowed to proceed to the next item. detection.

  The fourth level and the fifth level are respectively DC voltage regulation detection and withstand voltage test. The fourth level is to achieve the purpose of regulated output by adjusting the output voltage. In layman's terms, it is to see the jammer in the case of unstable current and voltage. , whether the shielding effect is stable. The fifth pass is to identify the dielectric strength of the jammer gps, so that when the voltage is large, the jammer will not be damaged due to overloading of the line.

  The sixth and seventh levels are high temperature test and constant temperature test, mainly to check whether the jammer meets the standard in high temperature environment, high temperature and strong humidity or low temperature and strong humidity.

  The last three tests are vibration test, electrostatic test and aging test, respectively, through simulation to test whether jamme works normally under strong vibration, test whether static electricity that has been in contact with 4KV works normally, and whether it will fail after 48 hours of booting, that is, Check durability.

  When it successfully passes the above ten tests, it is a qualified signal jammer, which can finally be faced to consumers!

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