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Jammer stops illegal drones from breaking into homes

Perfectjammer 2022/07/27

  We all know that drone thefts happen from time to time. Small enough to spy on, big enough to steal state and military secrets, and small enough to fall and injure people and shut down airports.

Jammer stops illegal drones from breaking into homes

  Aircraft delays can have serious consequences; therefore, during this period, the law has been continuously improved, and legal documents have been issued one by one to strengthen the control and registration of the real-name system for drones.

  The drone control method is as follows:

  The method of shooting with a gun seems more comfortable. Not only can it be controlled, but it can also be destroyed. The damage level is high, but there is a problem that the shooter has to shoot accurately. Once you let it go, you don't have to hurt anyone. Also, you need to remember where you hit. If it falls, you have to find it.

  Frequency jamming drones is also the current mainstream technology. Blocking the remote control signal of the drone through high-power transmission will cause the drone to lose control. Usually drones can be shot down directly, and smart drones can also be unmanned.

  Airborne jamming can interfere with GPS and prevent drones from returning home.

  Base station drone jammers are mainly aimed at larger control areas. Base station drone jammers prevent drones from entering the control area and greatly reduce security risks. Can be used without a large number of people; Distance: 6-8 km.

  Portable UAV jammers require manual investigation, and the results prove that the control effect can be achieved through manual intervention of portable UAV GPS jammers.The control distance can usually be around 4 kilometers.

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