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How to deal with excessive cell phone use at work

Perfectjammer 2022/07/28

  In production areas and kitchens or while operating heavy equipment as cell phone use at work can present a safety hazard

How to deal with excessive cell phone use at work

  Cell phones are driving many of us to distraction—and taking a toll on productivity in the workplace. Nineteen percent of employers think their workers are productive for less than five hours a day, and more than half believe that cell phones are to blame.

  While information technology brings convenience to life, it also brings some small troubles. The daily conference room needs to be a quiet environment. However, a phone ringing and a text message reminder will bring an unpleasant experience to the meeting participants; meetings with confidentiality requirements need to block the leakage and exposure of the meeting content, and the blocking of mobile phone signals during the meeting has become more and more important. more and more a necessity.

  The so-called signal strength, that is, the strength of the base station signal that the mobile phone can receive in the conference room, can generally be measured by the spectrum analyzer. Ordinary users who do not have this measuring device can preliminarily define the signal strength by observing whether there is a communication base station nearby, the distance of the base station, and whether there is indoor distribution in the conference room. Observing the signal strength is mainly used to select the mobile phone jammer gps with the appropriate power. If the signal is normal, you can use a low-power jammer; if the signal is super strong, you need to use a high-power jammer.

  Indeed, every beep, buzz and glow emanating from our personal devices are designed to lure us in while hijacking our time and disrupting our concentration. A short call or text message here or there may not harm productivity in a noticeable way, but excessive use can become a big problem. So, how can you stop employees from using cell phones at work?

  Due to the habit-forming, ubiquitous nature of cell phones, it’s important to address their inevitable presence and intervene when your employees are loath to put their devices aside — just as you must take action with the employee who always calls in sick.

  Unless there are safety concerns, creating a “no cell phone use at work” policy can be perceived as punitive. In fact, posting a “mobile phones not allowed in workplace” notice will likely lead to morale problems.

  Just make sure that the limits for your smartphone policy for employees are fair and flexible. While establishing a zero-tolerance cell phone policy isn’t the best route, you can always tighten up your policies if necessary.

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