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Exclude vehicles suspected of using GPS jammers

Perfectjammer 2022/08/09

  If you suspect that a driver employee is using a jamming device, you will need to install the telematics controller outside the jammer's range, such as under the hood or in the rear of the vehicle.

  The monitoring agency serving you is obliged to assist you in solving this problem. To do this, you need to mount the satellite terminal in a sealed box, protected from natural or mechanical influences.

  If the navigation device is moved inside or outside the car, it will no longer be affected by the influence of the interfering signal due to its limited range. However, there is no way to guarantee 100% results. After all, electrical technology is constantly improving. There are jammer gps that can suppress the signal within the radius of the vehicle, but they are also more expensive.

  Another way to check for external influence on satellite tracking stability. This method is of course radical, but it is actually quite effective.

  When it is impossible to accurately determine whether the navigation device is stuck, or it is impossible to identify whether there is an external influence in reality, or whether these are satellite navigation technology failures, please follow the steps below.

  When checking, the equipment on the suspected stuck vehicle should be removed, then connect the terminal in the passenger car through the cigarette lighter, and drive in the direction where the navigation data is lost, when this part of the route is further than you want, Then drive around the local area.

  After this, it is necessary to construct the trajectory of the vehicle from the received data using a satellite monitoring software package. The device is in good condition if there are no interrupted path segments and the number of satellites during vehicle movement is fixed within specifications.

  However, employers should be aware of:

  Some areas have no GPS connection at all, or are less effective, or the carrier of the SIM card installed in the telematics device transmits a sub-optimal signal. In this case, it is better to install two, three or four SIM card blocks to place the SIM cards of multiple telecom operators.

  Then, whenever a carrier's GSM signal level is weak or not at all, the tracker will immediately switch to the next SIM card, thus eliminating the problem of signal loss.

  However, the loss of the GPS signal is not a big deal, because normally, due to such a failure, the telematics unit will dump all accumulated information to the monitoring system during the time it left the access area. In this regard, the main function of the terminal can be thought of as determining the coordinates of its position.

  Satellite navigation is also affected by natural factors. Navigation equipment may also have technical issues. This problem must be determined in the same way we have already described above, by moving the terminal to another vehicle, testing the navigation unit or replacing it.