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How to install signal jammer in high end decorated conference room?

Curry Mildred 2022/08/02

  When customers buy a mobile phone signal blocker, they often have completed the overall decoration of the conference room, and only then think of the need to block the mobile phone signal in the conference room.

  Once the decoration is complete, it is not difficult to choose a cell phone signal jammer gps, but how to install it becomes a difficult problem. The first thing to consider is that the installation of the cell phone signal blocking device will affect the overall appearance of the conference room.

  The problem that the installation of mobile phone signal jammers in conference rooms affects the appearance not only exists when purchasing new shielding equipment, but even some old mobile phone signal shielding devices that have been installed before and need to be upgraded will also face this problem when they become 5G shielding devices. The upgraded iterative 5G shield has a larger appearance and more antennas, so there is a problem that the original installation position is not enough.

  If the conference room does not have a pre-installed hidden compartment reserved for 5G shielding equipment, usually the best advice is to use some wall access or free space in the corner of the conference room to create a side cabinet. The selection of materials and color matching should be consistent with the overall decoration style of the conference room. This side cabinet can be specially used to install mobile phone signal shielding device.

  There are many ways to achieve this goal.

  Lockers in computer rooms or corners can also be used as hidden installation locations for cell phone jammers in conference rooms. The need for ventilation in these areas also needs to be noted. Affect the signal transmission of shielded equipment. If there are large conference tables or wooden cavities and empty cabinets such as podium and podium, it can also be used to install mobile phone shielding equipment

  Wooden speakers will be hung on both sides of some meeting rooms. Select individual speakers in it to dig out the internal audio equipment for hidden installations of cell phone jammers. Install a shielding device on the ceiling at the top of the conference room (usually requires the ceiling to be in the form of a movable gusset, and cannot be made of metal)

  In the actual construction process, the side cabinet used to install the 5G shielding device needs to reserve a power input threading hole, and at the same time reserve a certain air inlet and outlet on the side or back of the side cabinet to facilitate the normal operation of the mobile phone signal shielding device. Cooling ventilation.

  In fact, according to the decoration styles and materials of different conference rooms, there should be many suitable locations for installing mobile phone jammers, but there are still a few points to consider:

  The shielding equipment needs power supply, and the rationality and safety of the power supply line need to be considered when arranging the power supply line

  If the original wireless microphones, wireless speakers, etc. in the conference room are very close to the mobile phone jammer, they will be interfered to a certain extent. It is recommended to keep a safe distance of more than 2 meters between the two

  Objects, plates, etc. used to hide or obscure shielding equipment cannot be the result of a metal mesh structure or metal plate, as this will greatly attenuate the transmission of the signal