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Will the frequency of the jammer affect the precision electrical equipment?

Perfectjammer 2022/07/27

  Some factory or workshop customers expressed great concern when purchasing and using frequency jammers.

Will the frequency of the jammer affect the precision electrical equipment?

  Whether the frequency of the jammer gps will disturb the precision power supply needs to be analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

  If the customer's environment has high requirements on the accuracy of the power supply, such as strict requirements on the power supply and power line ripple, wave, etc, in this case, although the frequency interference meter only interferes with the corresponding radio frequency band, but Due to the short antenna area, there will be a certain strong magnetic field interference, or the interference of the field strength.

  When close to the antenna, the field strength interference caused by the antenna can still interfere with the ripple in the power line.

  Take the most common mobile phone frequency jammer as an example, the frequency of the jamming signal it emits is the same as the frequency band of the mobile phone.

  Therefore, cell phone frequency jammers only interfere with cell phones. If the electrical equipment needs WiFi connection and communication, it needs to explain the situation in advance, avoid the WiFi frequency band when leaving the factory, and keep the connection of the normal communication WiFi signal without interfering with the signal.

  Place a strong magnet near the antenna of the mobile phone jammer, which will disturb the normal working frequency of the antenna to a certain extent, but it is only a disturbance. There are many working frequency bands of a mobile phone jammer, and a certain amount of disturbance is not enough.

  In order to avoid the influence of the frequency interference meter on some high-precision power supplies or power lines, it is required to maintain a safe and reliable distance from these precision power supplies or lines during installation and use. This distance value needs to be at least 10 meters or more.

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