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Settle unnecessary surveillance

Perfectjammer 2022/08/09

  In recent years, tracking systems have been increasingly installed on work and personal vehicles. On the one hand, this helps employers track the routes of their fleets and monitor deliveries. On the other hand, drivers sometimes want or need to trick the system.

  To address unnecessary surveillance, employees purchased GPS and Glonass jammers.

  The general working principle of all jammers is simple: they emit a signal in the same frequency range as the device to be suppressed. That is, when the jammer is turned on, a "force field" is created in which the signal from the tracking system is suppressed. The suppression radius depends on the power of the jammer gps. The greater the power, the greater the radius.

Settle unnecessary surveillance

  With the jammer turned on, devices monitoring your location will stop receiving signals from satellites. And you are no longer seen by people in the background who are watching you through special programs.

  Of course, manufacturers of GPS and GLONASS systems know about jammers. Therefore, more and more devices are being installed which can also transmit information via GSM channels. If GPS and Glonass frequencies are suppressed, the operator can determine your location via the GSM signal. Of course, it is impossible to determine exactly, but the error is very small, about two kilometers.

  So if you've strayed a considerable distance from your route, you can do the calculation. Given the above, there is a growing need for jammers that can flood all frequencies at once. It's important to consider that the more modern the equipment that needs to be submerged, the more powerful the jammer will be. You'll also need a cooling system, as the more power the jammer works, the heat will continue to heat up.

  Assembling a jammer isn't that difficult if you're proficient enough in the matter. But if "you" is not technically capable, then you should choose an off-the-shelf option.

  This will guarantee the performance of the jammer, you can choose the stock with the desired suppression radius and frequency. Most importantly saves time assembling the jammer. Off-the-shelf options are often more compact, lighter, easier to use, reliable, and come with all the necessary warranties and certificates.