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Differences between GLONASS and GPS

Perfectjammer 2022/08/08

  Lightweight and compact car jammer in the form of a cigarette lighter plug. This device works only through GPS beacon jamming, but does not interfere with cellular communications or internet usage. The device has a maximum range of ten meters. The device does not require any special skills to get started, the owner only needs to push a button. The device starts working immediately and the tracking device will lose its connection to the satellite.

  The car signal jammer gps works in short distances - 3-5 meters. This is necessary in order to block satellite signals from nearby devices. These can be tracking systems, beacons or trackers. But it should be remembered that the navigator doesn't work either. Even a cell phone can't help you navigate because it's also powered by GPS.

  The system appeared at different times. First, GPS came, and then the Soviet Union's answer came in the form of GLONASS. However, the system has only achieved full performance in recent years. These systems are almost identical. The difference is the carrier frequency: 1575.42 MHz for GPS and 1602 MHz for GLONASS. Also, ancillary packets are transferred at different speeds, so determining coordinates - GLONASS is a bit faster.

  Typically, all navigation receivers use data from both systems in their calculations. First, this allows you to efficiently find coordinates in dense building conditions, when satellites are blocking houses and the number of "visible" satellites is drastically reduced. Second, using both systems at the same time improves the accuracy of determining coordinates, since a larger number of satellites are used in the calculation, which means there is more initial data for the calculation. The extra data frees you from unwanted signal distortions (reflections, weak signal levels, etc.). Therefore, the coordinates can be calculated more accurately, ignoring the problematic data from some satellites (exclude them from the calculation, and replace their data with more reliable data from other satellites).

  In most cases, such devices are used and for such purposes by the following categories of people: employees of companies engaged in the transport of goods, who use the vehicle temporarily for personal purposes; young people who do not want to be constantly harassed by phone calls; drivers who try to hide from them People with bad intentions; representatives of different gender and age categories who don't want absolutely everyone to have access to their location.