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Those Hidden GPS Trackers in Mortgage Cars

Perfectjammer 2022/08/10

  Now it is very common to take out a loan to buy a car. If you pay a deposit in advance and repay on time, the car will be yours immediately, right?

  NO, after the car loan is paid off, if you don't do "these three things", the car may not belong to you

Those Hidden GPS Trackers in Mortgage Cars

  Types of Auto Loans Auto loans can be roughly divided into credit loans and housing loans. One is credit loans, which have become common in recent years. Major automakers partnered with banks and other financial institutions to launch lending campaigns to boost new car sales. This type of car loan does not require a vehicle mortgage, but the personal requirements for the lender are relatively high. If you buy a car through this loan method, although the step of registering the mortgage is cancelled, due to the different loan settlement process of each bank, it is best to confirm with the bank after all loan repayments are completed. The final step "Ritual" must be done. The other is a mortgage loan, which provides consumer loans to financial institutions with a car as collateral. Once the loan repayment cycle is complete, you must take a few steps to actually "own" your car.

  What are the three things you should do after paying off your car mortgage? Once your car mortgage is paid off, if you don't do "these three things," legally, the car doesn't belong to you. 3 things to do after paying off the car mortgage loan: 1. Get back the motor vehicle registration certificate. 2. Go to the vehicle management office for vehicle mortgage. 3. Change of beneficiary of insurance.

  Recycling of motor vehicle registration certificate The motor vehicle registration certificate is a legal proof of vehicle ownership and is very important, just like the real estate certificate of our house. Without it, your car is a "black house". After that, the vehicle registration certificate will be used for any vehicle registration such as transfer, transfer, etc., and record relevant vehicle information. Therefore, when the car loan is cancelled, the motor vehicle registration certificate should be obtained from the repayment bank or financial institution in time to avoid problems in the future. At the same time, some documents need to be retrieved on time, such as vehicle purchase tax invoices, vehicle purchase invoices, tax refund vouchers, etc.

  Go to the DMV to cancel the mortgage of the vehicle and pay off the mortgage. Be sure to go to the DMV to handle the mortgage release business. Otherwise, legally speaking, if you do not apply for a mortgage, you will only have the right to use your own car and cannot carry out transfer transactions. The vehicle usually does not belong to the person before the transfer, and the property remains with the lender. Therefore, after paying off the loan, you must remember to go to the DMV for re-mortgage business, so that the vehicle becomes your asset. There are slight differences in the requirements of the vehicle management offices in different places. Please check before canceling the mortgage.

  Many people forget this when changing insurance beneficiaries. After your mortgage is released, check your auto insurance policy. If the first beneficiary above is an auto loan financial institution. Who is the first beneficiary will have priority in claim settlement. Failure to change the beneficiary's name within the time period after the loan is paid off could spell trouble for the future.

  Remember, don't forget to change the primary beneficiary after paying off the car loan. Contact your insurance company in advance to change the required information and what to do with it. After you have worked hard to repay the loan, and then do the above three points, then congratulations, your car is finally yours!

  Once the car loan is finalized, remember to check whether it is equipped with GPS. Once your car loan is finalized, if you find a GPS on your car, remember to remove it to protect your privacy. GPS tracking and positioning credit financial institutions in a certain market install GPS in the cab junction box, front and rear bumpers, rear-view mirrors, external spare tires, etc. Some locations are relatively hidden, and the owner basically does not know the location. After paying off the loan, check with the lending financial institution to see if there is a location tracker on the vehicle. If so, contact the lending financial institution to have it removed. If you are still not at ease, you can buy jammer gps in online stores, you can prevent illegal tracking through these products.