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Some factory need Install signal jammer

Perfectjammer 2022/07/28

Some workshops require a quiet operating environment, and the work environment is often disturbed and the normal work of others is affected due to a sudden ringing of someone's incoming call.

Some factory need Install signal jammer

The production and processing process, processing technology, and product information of some companies are the commercial secrets of the company, but at any time, individual employees with ulterior motives may easily leak the confidential information by using the functions of taking photos and videos of smartphones.

There are also some chemical companies that belong to explosion-proof and flame-proof products, and it is necessary to strictly restrict and prevent the use of mobile phones in the factory area.

When workers are in production, they often stop their work due to a sudden call or text message to answer the phone or reply to text messages.

We immediately instituted a new policy restricting the use of cell phones in the workplace.The company doesn't want someone to lose a part of their body, and we monitor it as closely as possible.

It may sound harsh, but most workplaces are free of the potential dangers of supply chains.

An employee might put a phone in a locker, they just can't let it go through that door after clocking in. They can use them if they are taking a smoking break.

Companies may prohibit employees from using their phones during certain circumstances, such as when they should be waiting on customers, as it would both be rude to the customer and hinder work. There are many other ways to get distracted and not be productive at work, taking frequent breaks, chatting, using a PC for other than work tasks, etc. Should employees make the wrong judgment call, it all comes back to their manager to do coaching and oversight to prevent abuse and foster appropriate behavior.

Companies may try to install jammer gps because they don't want employees to waste time. Rather than making rules and then enforcing them, they think it's easier to block.

To sum up, the wide application of mobile phones is a double-edged sword, and the benefits brought by mobile phones need not be explained too much, but for some special places, the use of mobile phones should be restricted or even prohibited.

In some special places, such as workshops, the use of mobile phones is restricted. According to the traditional list of rules and regulations, personnel supervision, and punishment systems, it is impossible to completely eradicate and eliminate the proliferation of mobile phones. At present, it is more feasible from the perspective of technical products. The method is to install a full-band signal jammer or a full-band signal jammer system at an appropriate location in the factory area. Each full-band signal jammer can cover a certain range, and these coverage areas are formed into a patch by cellular networking. coverage to achieve complete shielding of signals in large areas.

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